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Friday, 3 June 2011

What I Learnt Today - (Not Entirely Disastrous) Flowery Napkins

I've come to realise that when it comes to my sewing machine, I was trying to run a marathon before I could walk. So I have put the half finished skirt and wanna-be cardigan away for the time being and I've had a go at making some napkins instead.

I found a tutorial here (a really lovely site - worth a look!) and thought to myself  'piece of cake! I'll have 8 napkins done in half an hour.' 

In reality though, they were alot more fiddly and time consuming than I expected. I still can't really sew a straight line, and I keep needing to remind myself that I am cutting up a £2 duvet cover, not precious silk, as my shaky hand cuts out the rectangles. 

Anyhoo, here's what I did:

 The tutorial said to cut the napkins 17inch square (should have listened!) but I wanted mine a bit smaller, so I made a template and marked out 6 napkins. Then I measure 1/4 inch from the edge so my folding would be accurate. 

Then I cut out the 6 pieces

Then I folded over the 1/4 inch, and ironed. I used pins where it wouldn't cooperate.  Then sewed a wobbly line down each edge. Here's 1 napkin complete. 

The edges were fraying quite a bit, so on the second attempt, I haphazardly zig zagged the poor thing, then folded and sewed. 

It looked alot better the second time (honest) and was easier to fold. So as soon as I get a spare week I will finish the rest!

On the whole, I had alot of fun  playing around with my machine, and the photos don't do justice to how pretty the fabric is. I know I'll love using them when they are finished too. 

Hope everyone has had a lovely Friday and enjoyed the glorious weather. I've decided to link up to 'look at me' today - have a wander over there if you have time to check out the wonderous blogs

Anna xx

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