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My name is Anna, and I work as a primary school teacher in greater London. I love eating pizza and watching TV with my husband. I also love painting glass, and any other crafty pursuits that give me a chance to make a mess! I am on a bit of a mission to learn how to cook, bake, sew and generally make things before I have children. I'm trying to learn something new each day. I really value your support, so thank you for following me xx

Monday, 6 June 2011

Handmade Monday

Happy Handmade Monday everyone!

Hope the rain hasn't ruined your day. I for one was very happy to see it. Firslty because the lawn is yellow, and secondly because it's horrible going back to school on a lovely sunny day - wishing I was back in the yellow garden!

I had lots of things I wanted to show you...but I've left my camera at school. Doh!

Here are a few things I have scrabbled together from my crafty half term week:

Cocktail Glasses

Do you remember the enormous glass I showed you last week? Here's how it looks now. 

Finally, in case you didn't see this on my blog at the weekend, here's a sign I made for my cat. You can read the story behind it here.

Don't forget to check out the other blogs at Handmade Monday. Thank you for reading, and I really appreciate any comments you leave.

Anna x


  1. Haha, love the story behind Dexter's Garden! Our grass was getting rather long and next door's cats were quite enjoying it.

    All the glasses look lovely.

    Thank you for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  2. whay! a new piece of glass! :) lovely to see them! i like this blue, sort-of-lacey design.light and delicate :)
    is this a turquoise vitrea relief perhaps?
    thanks for dropping by. x

  3. Sorry, ive used my other blogger profile LOL
    x x x

    martha after hours :)

  4. lol well spotted martha - you know your vitrea! x

  5. Yes I was glad of the rain today, the garden and the yellow grass certainly need it. Love Dexters Garden. You always paint such pretty flowers.

    Jan x

  6. I love Dexters garden, I have kept an area of my garden with long grass and meadow flowers. I think the long grass looks so much nicer than bowling green lawns and it stays greener longer.
    Your glasses are gorgeous.

  7. Love the cat sign! Very sweet.

    I love the detailing on your blue glass. Very intricate. It must have taken a while and a steady hand. A beautiful piece!

  8. If I've got the camera, the light is wrong. If the light is perfect, OH has taken it to work/batteries are flat/memory card full etc. Glad I'm not the only one.

  9. Finished glass turned out well. Dexter's garden was fun to read and bonus ... less to mow! My mower doesn't have a box on the back and is a right pain having to collect it all.