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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Butterfly Lantern

Butterfly Lantern

What you need:

A paper lantern (this one was £1 from Wilko)
Scrap booking paper - 2 or more colours
Mod Podge (or another strong craft glue) + brush
A template for 2 different sized butterflies - I took mine from some wrapping paper
Pencil + scissors

1. Open up your paper lamp shade using the expander, and have a think about how many butterflies you want to cover it. I used 20. 10 big, 10 small. But I could have easily used alot more if I had wanted to. I wanted mine scattered ramdomly, but you may wish to create more of a pattern.

Choose your paper. I used scrap booking paper because it's alot thicker than say wrapping paper, and I wanted the butterflies to hold their shape. 

This is from Tea Time by Dovecraft

And my second paper was by Nit Wit ( I forgot to take a picture of this one before it was cut up, but this is the same pattern)

 3. Using a template, cut out your butterflies. I made two different sized templates by cutting out some butterflies from wrapping paper.

4. Bend the wings towards you, with the pattern facing you, leaving the body flat. Apply your glue to the flat body, and gently press onto the lantern.

5. Make sure you put plenty of butterflies on the bottom, so that you can see them when it's up high.

6.  You can hang it as soon as you have finished. Bare in mind these usually require a 60W bulb - you don't want it to burn! I would recommend leaving the light off if possible for 24hours to let the glue fully dry. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. That looks gorgeous! What a lovely idea, really economical too. Hx

  2. Very nice and very creative!