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My name is Anna, and I work as a primary school teacher in greater London. I love eating pizza and watching TV with my husband. I also love painting glass, and any other crafty pursuits that give me a chance to make a mess! I am on a bit of a mission to learn how to cook, bake, sew and generally make things before I have children. I'm trying to learn something new each day. I really value your support, so thank you for following me xx

Monday, 11 July 2011

Handmade Monday

Hello all - hope you've had a lovely week. I've not posted for a while, as have been at PGL with year 6. Now that was a hard going week!

So not too many makes I'm ashamed to say!

Here are a pair of champagne glasses for a wedding:
I always find it hard to take pictures of white - sorry!

I felt like playing around with some lettering and had this idea. I thought I might do an angelic white wine, and a girly pink rose wine. Would love to know what you think!

Finally, I'd been wanting to display these words, somehow, by a photo of me and my husband. I found this little box of coloured letters and had a white frame. It says 'We'll do it all, everything, on our own' which is from a song which was playing during our wedding breakfast. I missed him this week, so I felt like doing something soppy!

Thank you for reading and have fun checking out Handmade Monday. I can't wait to read your comments. If you are a new follower - let me know so that I can follow you back.

Anna xx


  1. Love those wedding glasses and the idea of the devilish red wine, angelic white wine and girly rose wine!

    Looks like you were very active during your week away - hope you aren't aching too much!!

    Ali x

    (Oh, and I get soppy too so your words picture is right up my street!!)

  2. the butterflies look lovely and looks like your year 6 were having fun too xx

  3. The champagne glasses with the butterflies are beautiful but I am a sucker for butterflies, well done.

  4. I love those white butterflies - so lovely! The idea of the devilish red wine glass is a good one too. x

  5. Like your ideas for lettering on the wine glasses. Very impressed that you managed to post after a week long residential.

  6. lol I thought I should just mention that those pictures are of me and not the children!

  7. the glasses are gorgeous - love you blog x