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My name is Anna, and I work as a primary school teacher in greater London. I love eating pizza and watching TV with my husband. I also love painting glass, and any other crafty pursuits that give me a chance to make a mess! I am on a bit of a mission to learn how to cook, bake, sew and generally make things before I have children. I'm trying to learn something new each day. I really value your support, so thank you for following me xx

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Feeling Crafty? Craft Folder

Here is the first baby step towards project craft room. 

I have gathered alot of paper over the last few month - mostly templates and images of things that I've put on glass. Also alot of magazines which only have a couple of interesting pages in. So I thought I'd organise it all in one place and throw out the rubbish!

What you need:
 Old folder, pritt stick, mod podge,  scissors, wrapping paper, hold punch, black Sharpie, 
 pretty things to decorate, 
and the mass of paper that needs sorting.

Cover the folder in paper using pritt stick, cutting holes for the metal rings.

I traced 'Feeling Crafty' onto brown paper using a Cath Kidston template.

I backed it on white paper and added black stich detail with a black Sharpie.

I added bright blue lace around the edges using Mod Podge.

What you could store in your sexy new folder:

Different font templates

Photocopies from great books


Images (thanks Graphics Fairy)

Magazine cuttings

Have fun sorting out your paper and rediscovering old treasures

I'm linking to Boost My Blog  and Fun to Craft ,

Anna x


  1. Hi! I am your newest follower! I would love it if you stopped by check it out and become my newest follower! Have a great 4th!

    Kirsten ;)

  2. Like it ... so much more interesting than just putting in a boring lever arch file.