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My name is Anna, and I work as a primary school teacher in greater London. I love eating pizza and watching TV with my husband. I also love painting glass, and any other crafty pursuits that give me a chance to make a mess! I am on a bit of a mission to learn how to cook, bake, sew and generally make things before I have children. I'm trying to learn something new each day. I really value your support, so thank you for following me xx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The children have finished their exams and we are now looking forward to their future and thinking about their transition to secondary school. Scary stuff!

They thought about what a film about their life so far might be called - and designed a poster of it. I decided mine would be called ' Diary of a Small Girl' (as I'm 4"11) - but didn't share that one with them!

Then we looked at time lines of our lives - and once again they gasped in horror when they heard that I am 25 ("Oh my god - you are OLD!"). Thanks kids.

We spoke about what we'd like to be on our timelines in 10 years time. I am always inspired by their ambition and complete belief that all of their dreams would of course come true - why wouldn't they?

One of them is going to be a part time crime scene investigator and teach sport the rest of the time. Another is going to be a lawyer and a footballer, and one is going to be a sports coach and  a mechanic. Why not?!

When I was their age, I wanted to be an artist. Plain and simple. That ambition died a death after some nasty a-levels. But now I am a teacher who comes home to do arty, crafty things in her living room while watching 'Come Dine With Me' - so I like to think I'm fulfilling that ambition in a round about way, and the 5 year old me wouldn't be too disappointed. Anyway, I'm not grown up yet - no matter what the kids think!

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Hope you've had a lovely Tuesday,
Anna x


  1. love it! kids are great at making you feel ancient aren't they :-) I wanted to be an artist, then an FBI agent, then a fashion designer... maybe I should look into one of these for September?? xxx

  2. Awesome! Maybe you could design new uniforms for the FBI! :) x

  3. I wanted to be everything, I wanted to be an explorer, but only explore warm places. I wanted to be a writer and an artist, I wanted to visit Lilliput.

    Jan x