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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Delia's Christmas Cake Part 1

I've reached that age now, where I feel like I'm ready to make a grown up Christmas cake. 

So I googled 'best Christmas cake' and Delia popped up, reassuring me that her recipe is fool proof. Well, we'll see about that!

I won't bore you with all the details of the recipe - because you can find it here - and Delia tells it so much better. 

But here's a few pictures to give you the idea:

Soak the fruit in brandy for 12hours (or quite a bit more in my case!) Ooh it smelt sooo good. 

a tiny bit of mixed spice and nutmeg and the kitchen was filled with the smell of Christmas (sigh)

adding the wonderful fruit - an exciting moment!

Finally the nuts, treacle orange and lemon. Time to make a wish everyone!

All wrapped up for the oven (as per Delia's instructions)

4.5 hours later...it's a bit on the thin side, but it smells lovely. When it's cold it's dosed with more lovely brandy and wrapped up well again.

In case you can't tell - I love Christmas.

Thank you for reading xxx

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  1. Lovely pics shows what actually does happen in the kitchen when you bake from a recipe. I can almost smell your cake, although I have to say I have never made one, hats off to you for giving it a go I'm sure it'll taste delicious (and I love Christmas too)